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1. What is a gabion retaining wall?

2. Where can gabions be used?

3. Why are gabions used?

4. Welded or woven wire-mesh gabions?

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Steel and stone - a really creative relationship
Pannon Gabion Kft's product catalogue
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For builders, investors

If you find that the technology described above may offer a solution for you, please contact our company and ask any questions you may have! If you give us your data and describe us your case, we shall be ready to help you with our advice and experience.

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During the application of the technology in many cases it does not require the use of qualified workforce, the elements can even be installed using your own resources!

Gabion technology may be used as a solution for level differences, soil erosion, retaining wall construction, garden construction and landscaping. If you tell us your ideas we can provide help in determining which type of structure is the most economic to install, and whether the work may be carried out without planning. We also provide assistance in the selection and application of the most suitable engineering solution. We are also at your disposal for the acquisition and delivery of the elements you require.


For architectural offices and engineers

We are only happy to share our nearly 25 years of experience with you. In the knowledge of the actual planning task we provide assistance in the selection of the most suitable technical solution, and in the performance of dimensioning and quantities calculations, and in drawing up cost estimates and price offers.

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If required, we provide onsite engineering supervision and training for the constructor in order for them to provide the best possible quality and achieve the best possible result.

Our services include comprehensive technical consulting, engineering supervision, professional consulting, the acquisition and transportation of the necessary materials, and continuous consultation.

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